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Africa Water Wells Sotik, Kenya



Africa Water Wells was founded by Bud and Sandy Mulcahy Februrary 21011. Bud is a retired professional engineer and Sandy has a long career in teaching. Together they run the AWW operations.

During 2012 they raised $20,000 for on the ground operations in Kenya. A team of 7 persons, 4 from Texas and 3 from Aspen Colorado, planned and successfully carried out the construction of a clean water well in the center of the Kapkesembe village of 1500 families. This village had existed without a clean water source or electricity. As a result of our operations, an MP came for a visit and stated their desire to bring electricity and to help assist in funding additional infrastructure. They have since brought electricity to the village. There has been a verbal commitment to buy some of the materials for the water project improvements.

WildiZe Involvement

We seek supplemental funding to assist Africa Waterwells in installation of a solar pump, storage tank, pipe lines and funds for beginning a primary school structure. Additional funds would be used to supplement and be combined with our ongoing fund raising, the governments contribution and local funds. The manually pumped well is in place and a temporary school in the form of a metal building has been constructed by the locals and they started classes on Jan. 7 this year. There are many needs to expand the water and school facilities.


As of this May, 2013, completition of the water tower and solar well pump will now pave the way for much needed infrastructure and support toward better education, health and biodiversity for Kisumu village families.

About The Founders

AWW is not a non profit organization. Bud Mulcahy, PE and Sandy Mulcahy are organizers and operators of AWW.

They simply operate as a spousal couple in carrying out the vision of AWW. We have an account handling all financials. All money is designated directly for the on-the-grounds operations in Kapkesembe. Travel team members pay their own expenses for travel, lodging and meals. We maintain communications with Kenyans, well contractors and stateside persons who support our operations both financially and with planning and coordinating tasks. It is our intention to take one trip a year of 2 weeks to Kenya. Our travel team for our May 2012 trip consisted of Texans Bud & Sandy Mulcahy and Jason and Melissa Freeman and Aspenites Lee Mulcahy, Shawn Cox and Nan Wendling. We expect to travel with a team of about 10 persons in May 2013.

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Kapkesembe village near Sotik, Kenya, was the site of the first well. Approximately 1500 subsistence families live in an area of 1.8 square miles.Kapkesembe village near Sotik, Kenya, was the site of the first well. Approximately 1500 subsistence families live in an area of 1.8 square miles.
The first well was completed on May 3, 2012.
A reliable flow of 15 gallons per minute or 20,000 gallons per day was established.
Bud Mulcahy met with Dr. Joyce Laboso, MP of the Kenya National Assembly, and the district engineer, establishing a working relationship for the next phase of water storage and distribution. The plans call for bringing in electricity, con-structing an elevataed water storage tank and pipe lines to several water distribution points. The Kenya National Assembly will fund local contractors to do the construction.