"Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect."

- Chief Joseph

Africa is the heart of WildiZe Foundation. We have been supporting wildlife conservation and community development projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade and are proud of what we have accomplished. We have seen the positive impacts that can come from a small investment of resources in the right hands. At the same time, across Africa wildlife numbers continue to drop and communities continue to struggle. We see a tremendous need to expand the reach of our innovative approach and are embarking on a revitalized platform and vision.

We at WildiZe believe that to truly promote effective conservation, our work needs to be driven by the needs and ideas of the communities we work with, and that any actions taken need to be culturally and ecologically appropriate. We support projects that promote conservation through lifelong education, environmental regeneration, research on and protection of wildlife, sustainable income opportunities, and the application of appropriate agricultural technologies.

Imagine an Africa where there is a sustainable relationship between people and wildlife. Imagine an Africa where agricultural practices regenerate the earth instead of degrading this one planet that is our only home. Imagine an Africa where the children of today can achieve whatever dreams they have for their tomorrows.

This is the Africa we see as we look ahead - an Africa full of hope and promise - and it is toward this vision that we dedicate our efforts and funding.

Get Involved. You can make a difference. Step up. Take action. Donate.

Imagine our world without the diversity and beauty of wildness - "armchair" safaris from living room TVs our only glimpse of a world past, our children asking where all the wildlife. Nature's bounty and diverse cultures have gone. Imagine the things you can do to help change that picture!

We have only one Earth. If WE don't care, Who will?

Mondays at 8 a.m. Pacific Time
Eli discusses hot topics in the world of conservation.

Mission, Team

An informative and lively opportunity for listeners of all ages to learn about and raise awareness of contemporary challenges in wildlife and environmental conservation, both in Africa and parallels in the U.S., while also providing direct avenues to a variety of projects to personally take action and get involved.

While our project focus covers sub-Saharan Africa, the results of what we accomplish have global impacts, and further, how we choose to live daily will have impacts upon the future of Africa, our world’s wildlife and people. Our topics will cover a variety of themes including current news, what you can do now, what conservation and sustainability actually mean, how poverty impacts sustainablilty, foreign aid, book reviews, animal behavior, photography, living with wildlife in your back yard, interviews with renowned experts, and your questions and answers. Our Wild World is broadcast live every Monday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.


WildiZe Foundation® is a Colorado registered organization dedicated to education and awareness toward sustainable conservation. We work directly with communities and projects in Africa, to understand from their perspective the inherent challenges that exist, so that we may support them in creating their own successful solutions with respect toward gender, lifestyle, resources, habitat and wildlife.


Eli Weiss, Founder and President
Evanson Kariuki, Field Programme Coordinator: Kenya


Eli Weiss, CEO, President and Founder
Mike Siegel, Vice President
Christine Bobko
Michael Melko, CIMA®, CFP®
Andrew Hanson
Amb. Don Bandler


Dr. Kathleen Alexander, D.V.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor Virginia Tech University, CARACAL, Botswana
Bill Given, Denver Zoo Research Associate
Dr. Barbara McKnight, Ph.D., Tsavo Elephant Research, Member of the IUCN Elephant Specialist Group
Dr. Lowell K. Nicolaus, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University Department of Biological Sciences
Danny Woodley, Senior Warden of Kenya Wildlife Services, Tsavo National Park
Nana Grosse-Woodley, Author/Photographer, Tsavo Lion Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Project

The WildiZe Team hails from a variety of backgrounds, following a convergence of life-paths that led us to each other. All of us are creators who think out of the box in finding solutions that move our world foward. The WildiZe synergy is truly more than the sum of its parts. it is comprised of our creative staff, Grantees, contributors, donors and collaborators- who make it possible to accomplish all we have over the years.


Through our projects we help establish the donor's connection to a variety of individual, community and wildlife programs. We make regular on-site visits ensuring our donor's contributions have a direct impact in the conservation of critical wildlife habitat and sustainable community development. We establish new and long-term relationships directly with indigenous communities in sub-Sarahan Africa, providing grant funding for projects that support wildlife and environmental conservation efforts, educational programs and sustainable economies and cultures. WildiZe Foundation collaborates with like-minded national and international organizations to better use the resources already available, as well as starting up viable grassroots approaches through the WildiZe Grant process. As a result of this process, we ensure that 80-90% of public and private contributions reach our Grantees, where it is intended to do the most good and ensures that our Grantees have ownership, accountability and responsibility of their projects.

We can arrange your personal connection to individuals  or community and wildlife programs. Your support has a direct impact on protecting critical wildlife habitat, our Earth's diverse resources and encourages sustainable life-ways... to make our world a better place for us all.

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